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Start 1 June

12 days of insight, wisdom, discovery and adventure - the gift of an inspiring perspective delivered direct into your pocket for free

After the outstanding success of the 12:2 Adventure at Easter this year with requests for more to take it to the next level …. Here we are delivering 12 days of an inspiring perspective to upgrade your thinking and upgrade your life at a whole new level.


If you have never experienced Sally’s insight and wisdom before or are wanting to know whether her inspirational style of coaching is right for you, step in now and sign up for your free place in her best challenge yet. 


The 1st June is the traditional “moving day” in NZ farming … so why not make this your day to move and take your life in a whole new direction?  If you are feeling stuck, unmotivated, unfulfilled, like you have lost your mojo or life has just dealt you a bum deal recently and you want to change it up….now is a perfect time and opportunity to have 12 days of insight and wisdom from International Inspirational Coach, Sally Webb.

Here’s what we’ll discover together: 

Part 1: The best days are ahead of you

This covers 4 foundational frameworks, where you get to dream big, open up the desires of your heart, where the key values are in your life and how to deconstruct unhelpful thinking to then reconstruct helpful thinking.

Part 2: Your personal keys to insight and wisdom

This central part has 4 components to open up a whole new level of knowledge and understanding in how to master your mind, from the 7 pillars of wisdom to the investment of time and how perfect L.O.V.E. drives out all F.E.A.R.

Part 3: Living your life by design

Putting in the 3 key modules set out in this section, puts you in the drivers seat of your life, with clear steps to success to start creating and living your life by design.  

Are you ready for 12 days of insight, wisdom, discovery and adventure – the gift of an inspiring perspective delivered direct into your pocket for free?

About your coach,
Sally Webb

Hi, my name is Sally Webb, international inspirational life coach. I believe we are here to live life to the full in the way that each and every one of us has been uniquely designed. I help people ignite their power within,  to have a clear direction and purpose with an intentional pathway to get there; where inner peace, contentment and joy become the order of the day. 


The 12:2 adventure follows a powerful framework based on neuroscience and psychology to help kick-start your journey of self-discovery and personal growth. It will enable you to upgrade your thinking and lay the foundation for upgrading your life, and all it takes is 12 minutes a day for 8 days!


Choose your adventure package:

General admission
Private online inspiring 12:2 family
Daily recordings of power of the mind trainings via facebook (available for a limited time only)

VIP -Verified Inspiring Perspective - your backstage pass to a whole new world of thinking and being
Private online inspiring 12:2 family
Daily live zoom 12:2 insights through an inspiring perspective
Daily live Q&A &hot seats - your questions answered
Daily recordings of 12:2 trainings (unlimited access)
Daily worksheets