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Choosing the right coach

How do I find the right coach for me?

We are all unique and so are life coaches. Finding my preferred coach to believe in me, support me, engage me in good practices and enable

me to achieve the desires of my heart and my ultimate goal is key. I will need to trust my preferred life coach, engage with their coaching style and feel connected with them as I share this miraculous journey of adventure together to realise my true potential.

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7 questions for consideration to find the right coach for me…..

What do I want?

According to the Guardian there are 47,500 life coaches in the world offering a

huge range from business, spiritual, literary, personal or creative, we come in all

shapes, colours and sizes. I will need to consider a coach that will connect with

me and give me the outcomes I am looking for.


Sally offers a straight forward, intuitive, engaging, empathetic approach, with you at the centre. If you are unsure what you want, however know what you don’t want then Sally may well be the right coach for you. Her focus is on you to deliver on your hearts desires and dreams, to give you the tools and strategies to navigate your life going forward. I can help you see your pot of gold within that then enables you to produce the results you are looking for.

What kind of coaching is best for me?

Following Covid-19 there has been a huge increase in life coaching, as there has been a global change and a rise in anxiety, uncertainty, worry and stress. Coaches like Sally have come from all walks of life with their own story successes and wins. It is important that I find a coach I feel synergy with, who I believe has the skills and capacity to exponentially grow my excellence


Sally’s coaching has a 3 step approach, with a clear structure offering flexibility and adaptability while keeping my eyes on the prize, which is you. Everything she does is scientifically proven, evidence based and time bound. All her clients graduate with a clear direction and purpose and a real sense of success and self-efficacy.

Does the coach have a coach?

Life is an incredible adventure and to get the most out of our lives we need to take responsibility and be accountable. We are the sum of the 5 people we have around us. All successful people have accountability partners, mentors and/or coaches to help keep them going from peak to peak.


Sally has a coach or two, and has been blessed with some incredible influencers and masters in their field who enable her to exponentially grow in her capacity, wisdom, experience and knowledge ensuring she is continually delivering her best for herself and her clients.  She is passionate about collaboration and TEAM work as Together We Achieve More.

What does your heart say?


Do you feel inspired to take the next step with this coach?  Are you excited to be starting a whole new invigorating and life-giving chapter with your chosen coach?  Relationship is key to success in every coaching partnership. Listen to your heart, enjoy the new adventure and start to live the desires of your heart and dreams today.


What is the real value of coaching?

I want to know how much will it cost? Perhaps I need to ask myself, what is the price I am paying currently for not investing or changing my trajectory? Where are my current patterns of behaviour and results taking me? All coaching is an investment in time, money, head and heart. Investing in your most important asset, you, is exponential.


Sally encourages you to consider the outcome you desire and then look for the coach who is going to give you the best return on your investment. If your budget is limited, it is also good to know there is a beginning and end to the coaching journey. Sally currently offers 340% return on your investment. She offers a range of personal coaching options to suit all budgets and outcomes. She specialises in delivering on your personal expectations


What results have your coach and their clients achieved?

It is so good to read through your coach’s testimonials or success stories page, look at the images and their results and understand their personal journey. I will resonate with some of the narratives and results to help me find the right coach for me.

Sally has been on an incredible personal journey of overcoming, from being gas- lighted out of a business, to navigating a toxic relationship and subsequent divorce, being isolated in a foreign country to finding complete fulfilment, love, joy, happiness and ultimate personal success, where she is literally living her dream.

Sally has engaged with hundreds of people encouraging, sharing insight and wisdom enabling each and every one of them to step up to the next level through her 25 years in international management. “Life and life in abundance” led her to launch of Inspiring Perspectives, an International Careers, Futures and Living coaching business that has proven to be nothing short of miraculous in it’s results  and success stories.

It is your choice, choose wisely

The world is now your oyster and with 47,500 coaches to choose from.  Take time to do due diligence.  I encourage you to consider the end result or outcome you are looking for.  Have a list of wants or desired outcomes and utilise the free consultation or introductory meeting that most coaches offer to find your best match.


I offer a “getting to know you” zoom call, with your questions documented and answers shared with you.  This costs you half an hour in your life, with the possibility of a lifetime of complete peace, fulfilment, joy and personal success.

Ready to invest into your future and start the most exciting adventure in your lifetime?


“Your input determines your outlook. Your outlook determines your output, and your output determines your future.”  Zig Ziglar