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Intentional You

5-2-1© framework to start transforming your life, thriving from the inside out.


(8 week online course to run termly) – 1st formal roll out w/c 25 July 2022

Breaking free from repeated unhelpful patterns and cycles that hold you back while creating new highways to get ahead….

During this 8 week adventure we’ll spend quality time coaching together each day, either live or through video recordings depending on the package you choose.  We will work through 5-2-1© framework to connect your heart and mind, deconstructing old repeated cycles of behaviour that don’t serve you and replacing them with new pathways that bring you a life of abundance like never before.  “Our life is always moving in the direction of our strongest thoughts.” Craig Groeschel. The wisdom and insight in this framework show you how to take control of your thoughts and design the life you were uniquely created for. The best days are ahead of us.

Here’s what we’ll discover together: 

Step 1: Your BIG dream

This is the first step to take you up and away from anxiety, stress and loneliness and towards peace, contentment and a genuine sense of feeling loved and supported. 

Step 2: Your internal directional signage

This step takes you up and away from that uncomfortable feeling when you sense things are wrong but don’t know why, bringing you clarity, understanding and awareness of what is really important to you. 

Step 3: Your new pathways thinking

Ever wanted to know how to kick imposter syndrome or the inner critic into touch? This is it for you. We’ll be flipping the tables on your limiting beliefs and turning them into empowering ones.   

Step 4: Your unique thinking

Ever wanted to know what you are really good at, your zone of genius or field of favour? This step opens your eyes to who you really are and what you have been uniquely designed for.

Step 5: Your inspiring narrative

This is the fifth and final step to complete the foundations of who you are. The most simple way to change your narrative and change your life.  

Step 6: Your personal identity

The power of the subconscious mind and how to intentionally programme your mind to really step up your life to another level with direction and purpose.

Step 7: Your fabulous future

We follow a simple 7-step structure to put your dreams and vision of your future self into writing. 

Step 8: Stepping into the next level

This is our last day together and we’ll take action to exponentially take your life and the lives of those around you to the next level and beyond!

Are you up for a fire-cracker start to transform your life?  There is no time the like present.  Give yourself the gift of a new life starting today.

About your coach,
Sally Webb

Hi, my name is Sally Webb, international inspirational life coach. I believe we are here to live life to the full in the way that each and every one of us has been uniquely designed. I help people ignite their power within,  to have a clear direction and purpose with an intentional pathway to get there; where inner peace, contentment and joy become the order of the day. 


The 12:2 adventure follows a powerful framework based on neuroscience and psychology to help kick-start your journey of self-discovery and personal growth. It will enable you to upgrade your thinking and lay the foundation for upgrading your life, and all it takes is 12 minutes a day for 8 days!


Choose your adventure package:


General admission

  • Private online social Intentional You family

  • Weekly recordings Intentional You trainings via facebook (available for the term only)

  • VIP -Verified Inspiring Perspective - your backstage pass to a whole new world of thinking and being

  • Private online Intentional You family

  • Weekly live zoom Intentional You trainings

  • Weekly live Q&A & hot seats - your questions answered

  • Weekly recordings of Intentional You trainings (unlimited access)

  • Weekly worksheets & intentional actions