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Intentional Upgrade

What if you could fast track and 10X your life in 8 weeks?  Put the keys to success in your pocket with an Intentional Upgrade and unlock your personal treasure trove today.


(8 week online course to run termly) – 1st launch 1 June 2022

A whole new world of living, thriving and being….

During this 8 week adventure we’ll spend quality time coaching together each day, either live or through video recordings depending on the package you choose.  We will work through intentional you 8 stage framework to take your life into a whole new world of prosperity and abundance like never before.  The best days are ahead of you and this is your ticket to your personal harvest.

Here’s what we’ll discover together: 

Week 1: Grow my confidence

This step has 3 keys to cracking the confidence code.  It is time to put the key to your happiness back in your pocket!

Week 2: Seeing real progress

This step gives psychologically tried and tested tools on how to measure your progress every day, to collapse time and achieve at a rate you could only have dreamed of.

Week 3: Your keys to freedom

Ever wanted to know how to find hidden treasure.  Here are two proven strategies to enable you to discover the hidden gems within   

Week 4: The choice is mine

Ever wanted to know what the three common barrier to success are and how to overcome them?  Now is your opportunity to have them revealed.

Week 5: No more overwhelm

This is the fifth step in this journey of wisdom and insight are uncovered with these 3 pieces of the puzzle.  

Week 6: Your time investment

Time can only be spent once. This step is a deep dive into 3 keys to bank the treasure of time.

Week 7: Becoming unstoppable

It is time for one of those amazing paradigm shifts, to reveal a new economy, one where you thrive and grow exponentially, becoming unstoppable.

Week 8: Your time to shine

8 is the number for new beginnings.  This is the pinnacle of the intentional upgrade training, the fabulous four and how they relate to your excellence.

Are you ready to Intentionally Upgrade and create your life by design with an inspiring Perspective ? 

About your coach,
Sally Webb

Hi, my name is Sally Webb, international inspirational life coach. I believe we are here to live life to the full in the way that each and every one of us has been uniquely designed. I help people ignite their power within,  to have a clear direction and purpose with an intentional pathway to get there; where inner peace, contentment and joy become the order of the day. 


The 12:2 adventure follows a powerful framework based on neuroscience and psychology to help kick-start your journey of self-discovery and personal growth. It will enable you to upgrade your thinking and lay the foundation for upgrading your life, and all it takes is 12 minutes a day for 8 days!


Choose your adventure package:


General admission

  • Private online social Intentional Upgrade family

  • Weekly recordings of Intentional Upgrade trainings via facebook (available for the term only)

VIP – Verified Inspiring Perspective – your backstage pass to a whole new world of thinking and being

  • Private online social Intentional Upgrade family

  • Weekly live zoom Intentional Upgrade trainings

  • Weekly live Q&A & hot seats - your questions answered

  • Weekly recordings of Intentional Upgrade (unlimited access)

  • Weekly worksheets & upgrade actions