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The Numbers Say It All!

Top 20 client expectations Sally has delivered 299% increase on:

  1. Direction, focus, purpose, passion

  2. My strengths and talents, what I am good at

  3. Self-worth, self-esteem, self-confidence, self-efficacy, faith and belief

  4. Right next move for me

  5. Career options/vocations most suited to me, enjoy and thrive in

  6. Make a difference in life, my part in something bigger, where I fit in and serve

  7. Enthusiasm, get my “mojo” back, fire in my belly, fulfilment

  8. Work/life balance, time for me

  9. Healthy lifestyle, mind balance, head space

  10. Healthy relationships

  11. Open positive mindset, creativity

  12. My value, to be valued and to add value

  13. Time management, how to utilise my time productively

  14. Own my successful business, financial freedom

  15. Happy, content, live a good life, freedom

  16. Life navigation tools for my best life, how to flip negatives to positives

  17. Calm, balanced peaceful life

  18. Culture change, attitude of gratitude, renewing of my mind

  19. Pathway to podium, how to get to the top of my chosen sport

  20. Find my space, my tribe

Intentional Breakthrough and Purpose

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Client Expectations

Each client rates themselves at the beginning and end of the courses in 12 key areas from dreams and aspirations to tools and frameworks for navigating your life now and in the future.  These outstanding results speak for themselves, genuinely delivering on personal expectations and the ability to live a life of abundance.

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