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How does coaching work?

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions:


Do I have to go to travel and how will I fit coaching into my busy schedule?

Sally’s coaching sessions are conducted in person at her office or via Zoom from a space and allotted time that works for you.  This often means you can have your cake and eat it, with her breakfast, morning tea and lunchtime slots being popular for those who already have full schedules.  Her breakfast slot is one of the most powerful and uplifting ways to start your day.


Is coaching like therapy and what does a coach do?

Sally’s focus is purely on where to from here.  She is not a psychologist, scientist or counsellor as her gift is in collaboration, taking the wisdom of top psychologists and scientists and putting it into action.  Her sessions are about bringing life, having fun, clear proven strategies, pathways and actions to bring you insight, wisdom, hope, love and a fabulous future.  It’s not like therapy at all.


How many sessions will I need and over what timescale?

Most clients find the intentional living courses, which offer 8 weekly 1 hour sessions delivers exponentially on their initial expectations. Sally offers one-off development sessions, an intentional firecracker course of 4 weekly 1 hour sessions and the V.I.P.  intentional excellence course which covers 20 sessions over a 9-12 month period.


What does a coach do and are there any guarantees with coaching?

Sally’s job is to encourage and inspire you, to give you tools and strategies to live your life to the full.

Sally guarantees:

  • Complete unconditional support, encouragement, commitment and faith in you and your capacity to achieve your desired outcomes.

  • A confidential, non-judgemental inspiring perspective

  • Practical, scientifically proven life skills tools to enable you to realise your dreams with manageable daily, weekly and monthly steps.

  • Increased motivation, energy, wisdom and understanding with every session.

  • A devoted advocate, confidante and your own personal firecracker.

  • Email and text access to give full support during your coaching journey.

  • Your life being more in line with the desires of your heart.



I see Sally is a Christian, this is so not my thing, will her coaching work for me?

Absolutely.  Sally challenges your perspective.  She is a New Generation Christian….which is all about living life to the full.  She still drinks wine, swears occasionally (a work in progress), has a cracking sense of humour and is real.  She believes life is for living, for freedom of choice and making the most of every moment, giving back and using the gifts and talents she has to lift others up.  The choice is yours, to come on a miraculous journey of discovery, adventure and freedom, to live the life you are designed for or not. 


When can I start?

You can start right now, book your call today