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Intentional Fire-Cracker and Identity

“It is time to start living the life you always imagined” Henry James


You have been aware you want to make some changes in your life for some time and now is that time.  Congratulations.


This foundational package gives you insights, wisdom and knowledge to get you out confidently out of the starting blocks.  


It does not offer long term sustainable change (check out the other courses for this), however is the best self-awareness you could use to get you fired and ready to go.


Intentionally fire-cracker package includes:


  1. 4 x 1 hour personalised face to face/Zoom sessions with Sally

  2. “how I uniquely think” questionnaire

  3. A range of proven coaching tools with personal actions and outcomes.


The Intentional fire-cracker package is an investment in your lifetime of $700