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Intentional Breakthrough and Purpose

“The only way to make your present better is by making your future bigger.”  Dan Sullivan


If you are seeking revelationary change, fulfilment, contentment and ultimate success then the options on the intentional pathway courses are tailored just for you. These packages are for those who wish to invest in themselves personally, their career and relationships.

If you choose any of the intentional pathway courses,  you will see an immense improvement in all areas of your life from career, lifestyle, relationships, inner peace and overall well-being.

As your highly effective weekly coaching unfolds expect to see a rise in confidence and new insight and understanding for your vision, future and purpose. It will seem that life has never felt so exciting and full of possibility.

You can expect total commitment from Sally who will provide support, encouragement, motivation and inspiration tailored to your specific needs. The effects of weekly coaching sessions keep you on track, focused, accountable and give you all the tools to create real and sustainable change throughout.


This course is for:


For those seeking certainty in an uncertain world, from school leavers, university students, parents returning to work after a break, those disillusioned, retired, dispersed by Covid, artists or retailers to those wanting more from their relationships and life than you have right now, the intentional direction and purpose package is designed for you.



Intentional Breakthrough and Purpose package includes

  1. A 2-month package of 8 x 1-hour personalised face to face/Zoom sessions with Sally, plus a 30-minute initial consultation to connect and clarify life, health, career and personal goals.  This powerfully sets the agenda for the forthcoming coaching process.

  2. Free email and mobile access to Sally in between sessions for complete coaching support.

  3. Free encouragement and empowerment calls or texts for pre-interview motivation, dates or meetings when you need clarity & support. You will start the most incredible journey of adventure you have ever been on, that will inspire and excite you.

  4. This package includes the insightful “who am I today” questionnaire, insight into your “unique purpose”,  results-proven living coaching tools, personalised actions, appraisals, and accountability throughout the course.

  5. This package provides you with peace of mind knowing you have complete coaching support as you make miraculous life changes.  Sally is always there to keep you on track to creating the life you are uniquely designed for.


The intentional pathway package is an investment for life of $1200