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Finishing Strong

Have you ticked all the boxes and done your best for the first half of your life?

Have you…

✅  had a great career?

✅  been an amazing wife or husband?

✅  given your children the best you could?

Are you ready for the more and have fun in the second half?

Would you like to …

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Be clear on your why and purpose in this season?

Make this half of your life even more fruitful?

Know God’s calling for you in this season?

What this 3-day intensive will deliver:

🏆   Know the season you are in and how to thrive in it

🏆   Know your true why and purpose

🏆   Clear direction and motivation that is internally driven


watch the replays at a time that suits you

Wednesday 17 – Friday 19 July

7 - 8am NZST

So many of us get lost in this season, feeling it is all downhill from here.  We start to focus on our physical and mental wellbeing and often look externally for the answers.  Your treasure is within, often hidden by all the things you have had to do and now it’s time to bring it out, polish it off and have some fun. I want to get to the finish line, knowing I have run my race well, to cross that finish line with no regrets, whether that is in my 80’s, 90’s or 100’s. 


Finishing strong is about setting you up for success not just for the finish line, but also for now.  This is the best time of our lives and I don’t want anyone to miss it. Making the most of what we have now enables us to win in the game of L.I.F.E. and finish strong.  It gives us hope and a future as there is so much more for us in this season.

To claim your ticket to finishing strong and winning in the game of L.I.F.E. click below:

You will get:

  • Daily live sessions with Sally

  • Finishing Strong guided hand book

  • Finishing Strong private message group

  • Free access to Sally’s insider membership

Register today and you will receive my Finishing Strong tracking tool for free.

What they say

Sally’s insights are so refreshing and unique. She truly does provide inspiring perspective that is practical, positive, uplifting and connected. Her relentless encouragement for my life and situation as I navigated a new phase of life really supported me and helped me deal with long term changes.


Sally is an absolute powerhouse of positive energy, she cares about all her clients like they are family and her courses are brilliant. They have really helped me through some tough times.


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