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My Story

Born and bred in Hull, East Yorkshire, England, where lives are real and people are, generally speaking, a little rough around the edges, with big hearts and an ability to say it how they see it.


At 10 years old her mum left her dad to start a riding school with her godmother.  She moved to an idyllic village on the edge of the North Yorkshire Moors and Cropton forest, providing a fantastic backdrop for fun, freedom and teenage antics. It wasn’t long before I was whipped off to boarding school and then down South “to learn to be a young lady.”


I could have chosen to focus on the loss of my dad, friends and family dog …. or on the fact that every day I got up and 6 am to muck out yards and was an unpaid stable hand.  I could have seen boarding school as the ultimate rejection.  However I chose to frame this time with all the joys and opportunities it brought me from amazing close families and friendships to my love for musical theatre with numerous trips to the West End, the beauty of the English landscapes, which I observed on many a train ride, not to mention the incredible tapestry of life the equestrian world brings.  I was living my dream.


At 15 we moved to Warwickshire, to help mum on her pathway to the Olympics.  Sally decided not to follow either of her chosen pathways of musical theatre or psychology at this stage and went straight to London to take up the opportunity of management training.  She never looked back, thriving in the people development space, being consistently promoted and headhunted.  All those she worked with became high achievers, either being promoted or setting up their own businesses.


She bought her first property at 21, learnt to snow ski, met her first husband in Courchevel and had 2 beautiful children and then promptly emigrated to Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand.  Drawn by her then husband’s family and the opportunity for her children to have fun with their cousins on their farms, as well as climate, good food, good wine and good company.  This was a lifestyle she couldn’t offer in the UK.


I could have mourned family and friends back in the UK.  I could have looked at everything I had left behind, my family, brother, nephew and niece, a successful career, the historic buildings, strong roots, traditions and picture-postcard landscapes.   However I chose to give the next generation the best opportunities in life I could offer and if either of the children were going to follow in the family genes and become Olympic sportspeople, then NZ was where we needed to be.  The outdoor lifestyle, climate and access to top international athletes was a dream come true.  I couldn’t have asked for more.


Sally once again was offered her dream role, 20 hours a week, term time only running the Project K programme in Hawke’s Bay, the only internationally recognised youth development course in the world.  The next 7 years were incredible years of growth and change, working with some of the top businessmen and women in NZ and some of the most talented young people she has ever seen. It was during this time her efforts to save a toxic and violent marriage failed and she found herself in unknown territory, where a hurt family and what seemed to be a long list of family ties were looking for someone to blame.  I was limited on those I could trust and physical resources. I thank God for all the incredible people He put around me, the generosity, compassion, love, time, tools and support blew me away.  I had never been on the receiving end and it was incredibly humbling.  I was given everything I needed, including funds from WINZ which allowed this Yorkshire lass to pick herself up and get going again.


I could be bitter.  I could hold onto all of the past misdemeanours.  I could spend my time wallowing in what could have been.  However, that’s not my style as it only brings more sadness.  So back to living the dream and understanding how prayer and gratitude really did turn my life around. 


Sally was blessed with a short window to have all the right people in the right place and the right time for Farmers, giving the store the complete clean sweep she was commissioned to do in half the time expected. Sally remarried, gave her life to Jesus and went on to launch Inspiring Perspectives, having vowed she’d never run her own business.  That’s God for you.  His hand in her life has always brought her light in her darkest hour and now the light is permanently on.


I am living my dream every day.  If you “want what she’s got”, the ability to see your life from an Inspiring Perspective and live your dream every day then book a call with Sally today.


Sally is not a multi-millionaire or a professor

She does not have the flashiest car (although she does love the craftsmanship of the old Bentleys and will one day own a beautiful MGBGT)

She does not live in the poshest postcode

She does not own the most expensive house in the area




Sally does have an incredible gift of encouragement

Sally has the ability to walk into people’s lives and just get them going again

Sally gives people hope, starts their motors again, gives them energy to live

Sally knows first-hand how to make the most out of life

Sally never has a dull day

Sally is always thankful and can see the bright side to any situation

Sally is abundantly blessed

Sally has a strategy, a path and the ability to uplift in people’s personal lives

Sally will always give you the best of what she has


If you are looking for clear direction and purpose with an empathetic ear, from someone who has got the t-shirt.  Book your call with Sally and get your new inspiring perspective today.