I’m moving towards my goals and dreams and being the best I can be more confident content happy fun caring loving plus I’m definitely working towards being at work less and spending more time with my loved ones and enjoying adventuring outdoors. 



I came into the Intentional careers program with absolutely no idea what I wanted to do with my life or which direction I wanted to be heading in. With the help of Sally, everything became so much clearer to me and I am now able to answer those tough questions like, “what do you want to do when you leave school.” Or, “where do you see yourself in 5 years time.” This program has been amazing in helping me with my clarity of direction and something I value so much about it is the layout of each session and being able to visually see information that is specially tailored to my way of thinking and personal strengths. Throughout my time with Sally I have learned how I think, what I value and believe, the steps I need to take to get to where I want to go, the importance of goal setting and feeding the subconscious mind. 


"Navigating through this process with Sally has opened my eyes to my varied strengths and talents - the valuable assets that I uniquely contribute to any workplace. This course has also helped me to define my goals and aspirations and to formulate a plan for achieving them. I could not have believed this even possible without Sally's guidance and unfailing support."

Sally is an inspirational coach who genuinely cares about people and wants to help them discover their God-given purpose. She has been instrumental in helping me re-thinking my career direction and compiling a first class CV to go with my dream-job application.


Sally has been a cheerleader and her positive support and encouragement has made a huge difference in helping me to step out and make a change. I want to recommend her to anyone who is re-evaluating their current career path or re-thinking the direction they are going in.  I wish I knew her years ago when I was a school leaver, needing to make these important career decisions. 


Thank you Sally for all your support!


I was a little bit lost with only vague ideas of where I wanted to go when I started working with Sally. Looking back, I don’t think I had quite enough motivation to start to make some changes and set some new goals, or the right view point to make it happen. I have more direction with a better perspective and also ideas are more clear and feel more achievable. More focused and motivated to get my self-employment ideas happening now rather than delaying. I am now moving in a forward direction with a future mapped out towards something positive. The ideas I had feel much more obtainable now.


I entered this program a lack of direction, motivation and self confidence. Throughout the 8 weeks I learnt so much more than I could have ever expected, and know I have the tools to continue on my journey from here. I can now clearly see where I want my life to go and feel confident that I will be able to get myself there. I was initially concerned that 8 weeks would be too long but looking back I can’t believe how much I was able to learn and grow in that time frame, which now seems so small. This was exactly what I needed, and I am excited to continue to practice all the new skills I have learnt.


I have a better understanding of myself, my beliefs, my values and networks and how I can use them to pick a career that is suited to me. I have learnt to reprogram my brain so I am more positive and happy, I can put my limiting beliefs into perspective. I have learnt how to proper goal set and what steps I need to take to achieve my dream. I understand the whole process and can now map my own path. 

My expectations were exceeded, not only did I find my new career path but I learnt so much about myself along with developing many new skills to achieve my dream.




I really did not know what to expect from the program when I started it.  My life had been through some major turning points and I was looking for direction. I had been floating along following whatever life threw at me, rather than being in charge of the direction I took. This program definitely changed all that. Through Sally’s guidance, she helped me to not only set goals, but to overcome my self - imposed limitations (believe me, we’ve all got them and are most of the time unaware of how they stop us from living our best life). Well, Sally confronts them head on and helps you break them down to realise they are not the beast you think they are. This is priceless and necessary in order for you to move closer to YOUR goals. Thanks to Sally, I now have a solid plan and because I am now solidly focussed on my goals – they are falling into place almost perfectly! 


I started being unsure of what I wanted to do. I just knew that what I was doing was wrong for me, but needed someone to help me find out what was the direction I needed to go in.


Sally has given me exactly what I needed and asked for and put clarity around it. I learnt how to do my resume and apply for jobs effectively and successfully. I now know what careers suit my skill set, circumstances, profile and lifestyle. I have learnt about value and my own beliefs and now believe in myself with a purpose and career.


I have resigned from my current job and accepted the offer for my chosen vocation. I am starting my real estate papers now. The sky is the limit.


Thanks Sally


I feel I started without the layout framing existing However that framing had no back up or proper foundation.  I didn’t have proper motivation or drive, there wasn’t any emotion in my dream.  I was afraid to talk to people properly, especially if it would get me in trouble, even if I was in the right.  I also hardly prayed for others at youth or at boys nights.  I was constantly under stress.  Now I am much more motivated to both change and pursue my dreams.  I have become much better in my speaking, caring much less about what other people think about me, which is amazing.  I feel now that my stress levels are greatly decreased.  I have a clear path to space and beyond, literally.  I am motivated and will never give up.  I am now on a healthy trajectory and firm career path.  

When I started the Intentional Careers programme I had no clue what I wanted to do or who I truly was. I had no idea how that out or make it a reality. During my time with Sally I have not only learnt what makes me tick but have also learnt how to deal with the stuff that makes me feel down and how to turn it into something positive. I have several goals in place over the next few years to achieve for education, health and well-being as well as vocation. This can be tracked easily on my monthly route making my goals realistic and achievable, yay.


I have completed the Intentional Careers program with Sally at a time in my life where I was reassessing my priorities and considering a career change. Sally has a gift of encouragement and motivation and I have enjoyed meeting with her over the weeks - as I felt inspired to look outside of the norm that I have been accustomed to over the years. I particularly valued a reassessment of my own values, beliefs and dreams and looking at alternative options on how I can live those out , within my choice of occupation. I have learned some strategies in setting goals and intentionally working towards my vision. As a result I feel much more in control of the choices I have made and I’m embarking on further study and launching my own business. I would highly recommend Sally’s coaching to anyone who wants to take stock and re-think their way forward, regardless of age, but especially high school students and young adults who need help in making the best career choices for themselves at the beginning of their journey. 

Thank you Sally! 


I have learnt what my skills and talents are. I know what jobs suit me best and how to work well with all people, not just the ones I am drawn to. I know that God has got a plan for me. My gift profile and how I uniquely think and process.  

I am on track to complete Level 2 NCEA with Merit, have passed my restricted, have a part time job and am working through my options for leadership at further education, trusting in God to lead me to a good place.

This course not only give you options on jobs most suited to you, it also shows you how to find yourself and how to do it.



I started the programme not knowing where I was going or how to get there. I was unemployed with little confidence. I am now employed, know where I am going and how to get there and am confident. I will achieve level 4 in electrical engineering and be in the air force at age 18.

I started very much with my head all over the place, not knowing if I am on the right path, asking myself why I always get bored and loose interest very quickly, not only with jobs but with my daily routine in life. 

I have learned what my skill sets are, how I learn, what my true values are in life, why I do the things I do, how to manage my self in areas that I struggle, and that I am vey much capable of anything I put my mind to. 

I am going to be the happiest I can be, and live my life to the fullest.

I have the knowledge, and hard evidence from this programme that will never let me doubt myself again.



Before starting this programme with Sally I had no idea what I wanted to do after leaving school because I didn’t know what I wanted or how to get it.

While doing this programme Sally helped me learn about myself and what I value & believe in which has helped me realise what I want in my life moving forward.

My initial expectations were finding out what I am good at & to come out with a plan moving forward towards something I’ll enjoy and thrive doing.  Yes all my expectations have been exceeded. Thanks Sal.

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