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Why coach with me?

Your inspiration and motivation

Sally Webb is a pioneer in the life coach space.  She specialises as a Careers, Futures and Living coach.  Walking the talk and taking others with her on this exceptional journey of discovery, abundance and prosperity.  Her unique style and inspiring perspective motivate and empower all those around her.  The good news is that all she has learnt, lived, researched and developed is for you.  She loves nothing more than to see you succeed, to see you living the desires of your heart and dreams.


Sally has the absolute gift of seeing the best in every situation.  She builds incredible relationships with you, exponentially growing you from the inside out.  As a young person, Sally’s grandfather told her to “play the long game”.   We are all a work in progress and Sally is testimony to this.  Sally is real and has overcome many personal challenges from gas-lighting in the workplace to navigating a toxic marriage and being isolated in a foreign country.  Her life has been far from straight forward, however, in every situation, she has come stronger and wiser, being humble and grateful for the overwhelming kindness, generosity and love of those who have stepped out with her.  And thanks to this and her current collaborations she is now in a fabulous position to share the wisdom, insight, experience and scientific research with you, so you don’t have to wait 50 years to live a life of abundance and prosperity.


Are you ready to break the chains of what you don’t want and live the life you want and are uniquely designed for? Are you ready for your life to be wonderful, meaningful, full of love and purpose?  Then start the process to your new and inspiring perspective and book your personal call with Sally today.


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What Sally has to offer you:

Sally inspires and fires you up with her gift of encouragement

Sally thrives in a life of discovery, challenge and change and is extremely uplifting

Sally has the ability to walk into your life and just get you going again

Sally gives you hope, starts your motor and gives you energy to live

My Story


Hello, I'm Sally Webb, literally living my heart's desires and dreams every day and enabling my clients to live theirs. I have an inspiring perspective that comes from clear convictions, scientifically proven strategies and 25 years of experience in engaging, empowering and encouraging people to live their lives to the full. In 2019 I stepped out in faith, deciding to hone in on everything that was good and launch a miraculous God blessed business:;Inspiring Perspectives.

I have witnessed all my clients go through transformational change from fear to love, anxiety to peace, self-sabotage to self-belief, from doubt to self-confidence, tension to relief, each graduating with a clear direction, purpose and plan unique to them. The strategies and framework of an inspiring perspective have enabled clients to embrace their lives and start on the pathway to their desired dreams.

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Kev and I moved to New Zealand from the UK to enable us to live life to the full, to go on an adventure and to give our children the best opportunity we could to live their dreams in the fields of sport, farming, physio, music and ministry.

Now I am fired up and inspired....

Thank you for taking the time to read through to the end of my story. Are you up for sharing yours? Do you know you are one of a chosen few who has what it takes. I would love to hear from you. If you are looking for realm tangible, positive change and to live the life you are uniquely designed for, but don't know where to start, share your story with me or speak to me in person and schedule a call. You have nothing to lose and a fabulous, fruitful life to gain.