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The Inspiring Perspectives L.I.F.E package is my signature course that takes you from where you are now to where you want to be in 8-10 weeks. 

It is such a joy to bring you the genuine gems of over 40 years of experiential learning, top international experts and role models in psychology, neuroscience and personal development in this 8-10 week firecracker course.  It places the keys to happiness safely back in your hands, so you can make the rest of your life the best of your life.

You get

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live weekly small group coaching or 1 on 1 consultancy

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Your personal playbook and keys to happiness placed safely in your hands


a tailormade course for those live, your questions answered


Inspiring Perspectives Toolbox including 8 L.I.F.E. tools

1 on 1 Personal Coaching VS Group Coaching

1:1 Coaching VS Group Coaching

1 on 1 Personal Coaching
Is Right For You If:

  • You are looking for a highly confidential, personal, tailor-made experience to take you from where you are now to where you want to be.

  • Your personal battery is currently running on empty and you want to be fully charged so you can be fulfilled from the inside out, starting straight away.

  • You are looking for a clear, focused approach, want to cut straight to the chase (no time wasting) so you can start carving your ideal path now for the future.

  • You are looking for a high level of accountability, wisdom and insights to gain and achieve consistent preferred outcomes.

  • You are looking to clear the decks of the things that hold you back so you can become unstoppable and win the race in the lane that is uniquely designed for you.

  • You are looking to be an expert and master of your life with the ultimate toolbox and skills to use it, so you can overcome anything that comes your way now and in the future.

Group Coaching
Is Right For You If:

  • You are looking to find your tribe, where you are celebrated and have a real sense of belonging.

  • You are looking for framily* (*like-minded people who will love you for who you are, cheer you on and support you, no matter what).

  • You want to add value, be more productive and make a difference in life.

  • You are looking for clear direction and purpose, to be filled from the inside out.

  • You are looking to get your mojo back and find that “thing” that you can’t put your finger on and keeps eluding you.

  • You are wanting to be celebrated as you make progress and have others walk along-side you to cheer you on.

  • You want to glean the wisdom and insights of others that have gone before you so you can make the rest of your life the best of your life.


Intentional You Course
Intentional You

8/10 week firecracker course

Includes: Inspiring Perspectives V.I.P. Toolbox

This proven firecracker signature course has set 100’s of people up for success and takes you from where you are now to where you want to be.  It ignites the spark within that you may feel has been lost in the rigors of your life, you may be feeling tired, overwhelmed or burnt out and are ready to be “loved back to life”.  Sally has a massive heart and has literally spent 40 years growing people.  Anyone who hangs out with her feels encouraged, inspired and uplifted.


This firecracker course brings the best of neuro-science, psychology, personal development and the Word and places all this knowledge in your hand in simple practical steps, giving you wisdom and insights that will leave you feeling inspired, encouraged, motivated and on fire for your life again.


The gift of this super starter pack is that you get the “Inspiring Perspectives V.I.P. Toolbox” with all the essential tools and instruction manual.   Sally walks you through how and when is best to use each tool so you can reign victorious in any situation or circumstance in life.


If you are worried about “what next” in your life, and want to make the right next steps for you to set the rest of your life up to be the best of your life, then this is the best course for you.  


All Sally’s courses come with a “lifetime guarantee”.  If you follow the instructions, take the actions and see no change or progress in your life, Sally will give you your money back.


Intentional You

1 on 1 Consultancy

$1997 NZ$


Intentional You
Group C

$547 NZ$

What You Will Get From Intentional You


  • know what I am uniquely designed to be brilliant at 

  • clear direction on where to from here (tools to clear the fog)

  • clear plan of how to get there (tools to take out doubt and fear)

  • become unstoppable (tools to overcome procrastination)

  • be in control of my life (tools to overcome self-sabotage or negative self-talk)

  • Intentional You tool box

  • Intentional You owner’s / instruction manual

  • have a trusted expert, mentor and guide to walk with you 

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