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About Inspiring Perspectives

This bespoke business started in 2017.  I had spent 2 intensive years prior to that just putting one foot in front of the other, trying to work out what next? My identity had been wrapped up in all the externals; my career, where I lived, what car I drove, what qualifications I had etc etc. I had it all, had ticked all the right boxes and yet felt empty on the inside.  Nothing I did or achieved made me feel better for long, and in 2015 my life had imploded.  My marriage failed, my career was on hold, people I thought were friends walked away. Where had I gone so horribly wrong, that I had ended up in such a mess. I was on a mission.  I wanted to understand why. 

group of people celebrating outdoors

I had not choice but to stop.  I had hit a bring wall and for the first time in my life I stopped pushing, pursuing and persevering.  I paused and took stock.  I started to look in, to self-assess, re-evaluate and re-direct from the inside out.  It was the most refreshing process I have ever gone through.  I was blessed to have the right people around me at the right time, who believed in me, invested in me and supported me.

If it was meant to be it was up to me.  However, I did not have to walk this journey alone.  I learnt so much about myself, about how out of sync I was with my values, priorities, my unique thinking and the desires of my heart. It was during this time that I learnt the systems and frameworks to bring myself into alignment, in mind, body, heart, soul and spirit.

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In May 2019 I started with what I knew to be true with one brave client and launched the Intentional Careers© course, initially aimed at young adults between the ages of 16-24. It wasn’t long before I was coaching the parents as well as the students. I realised these principles were gold for those looking to change careers in their 40’s or 50’s and for people looking to re-enter the workforce after a break in their 30’s.  Everyone wants to live their best life regardless of how old or young they are.

About Sally

In May 2020 Intentional You©, now known as the Ultimate L.I.F.E. Skills Toolbox© was birthed, going deeper into who am I and what is my purpose.  This wonderful toolbox, toolkit and adventure handbook gives people everything they need to navigate the present and the future, making the rest of their life the best of their life, regardless of age.  Some of my favourite and most engaging clients have been as young as 10 and as old as 82 and 94.

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In February 2023 we hosted our first conference, What Next? It was a roaring success with many really enjoying the experience and wanting more.  12 people took the plunge and signed up to walk with me and each other for the coming year.  We had an absolute blast and Winning in the Game of L.I.F.E.© was born.  The results were outstanding.  L.I.F.E. is a journey not a destination.  Every single member of the team achieved more in that year than they ever thought was possible, from business launches, to home ownership, to multiple promotions…all from the inside out.

Private victory always precedes public victory.  It is an absolute joy to do the work in private with some of the most stunning people on this planet and then to watch them take off and fly, knowing they are on the right path, pointing in the right direction, living their dreams and that they have all the tools in their toolbox to navigate all the turbulence that comes in L.I.F.E. now and in the future.


Inspiring Perspectives Results and Outcomes (1 March 2024)

  1. served over 650 clients

  2. actively helped the launch of 12 businesses

  3. 100% of graduates get into the course they wanted, be promoted internally or externally into new roles/careers, where applicable.

  4. 100% of graduates living their dreams (not their nightmares)

  5. 100% of graduates reporting massively reduced stress, anxiety and overwhelm.

  6. 100% of graduates having clear direction and purpose, hope and a future.

  7. 100% of graduates knowing their lane and the race they have been uniquely designed to win in.

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