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I can't wait to meet you!

I've been described as a fire cracker with a huge heart! Sharing my expertise with clients as they discover their best selves through my coaching is my passion. I have developed 'The Ultimate Life Tool Box' and I'm blessed to journey alongside clients as they do the work and achieve their 

dreams and live their best lives as a result!

Hi I'm Sally Webb


I have always been fascinated with how people learn, grow and overcome life's hurdles. Through my life experiences and my professional training, I have created The Ultimate Life Toolbox that helps you turn what you once thought impossible into being possible. I put the key to happiness firmly back into your hands! My Toolbox comes with personalized coaching, an instructional manual and practical demonstration to help you take on life with a the tools you need to succeed.


With an open heart and a love of people, I find that my clients become, what I like to call Framily (friends who feel like family!). I journey along side you as you change and grow into your best self! The Inspiring Perspectives Framily is UNSTOPPABLE! 

Life's too short to be unhappy, unsure or unfulfilled!

Born and bred in Yorkshire, England, I say it how it is.  I am up front and cut to the heart of the matter. I have a massive heart for people, animals and nature.  My parents split when I was 10 and I was raised by my Mum and her close friend Ro at a Riding School. I was sent off to various boarding schools, always feeling I was different, never good enough and not really “fitting in”.  I made a few good friends, enjoyed leading and singing in the chapel choir, playing tennis poorly (my nick name was bimble, as I never ran across the court, just bumbled😂) and rode and taught people to ride ponies in the school holidays.


I flunked one of my exams at the end of High School, so didn’t go to Uni to study psychology (that took me 30 years to come back to).  I went off to the supermarket to pay my rent which opened a door to management training and I never looked back.  Head hunted twice and moving into management, training and development ensuring the right people were in the right place and the right time with healthy succession plans for iconic international brands.


At 30, I married a Kiwi, had my beautiful children and moved to NZ, where I had great fun being the Tupperware lady, once again empowering, encouraging and growing a team of 30 women to step out and run their own profitable sideline businesses.  I was then shoulder tapped to work for the only internationally recognised youth development programme, Project K and led the Hawke’s Bay team for 7 years, popping the growth caps of 120 High School students, helping them find their real Value, Identity and Purpose.


And then my world imploded; my marriage, my beautiful home, my rural lifestyle and the fat bank account.  I found out who my true friends were, packed up my life, my children, the dog and the cat and started my walk of faith…and I have never looked back. In my darkest hour my brightest light shined.


In 2019 I stepped into my field of favour and launched Inspiring Perspectives.  I started to own my zone of genius, which is break through the lies (doubt, shame, negative self talk) and replace it with self-confidence, love and empowering words of truth .  I have a massive heart for those in need and in the words of Dean Graziosi gives me “the underdog advantage”.  I have invested massively to 100X my wisdom, insight and understanding with the best, from Dr Caroline Leaf and Dan Sullivan to Dr Benjamin Hardy and Pedro Adao.  I have been super blessed to apply the research and development from top neuroscientists, psychologists and strategic coaches in the world, to utilise their principles and create simple practical steps so you can win and make the rest of your life the best of your life. 


In 2022 Inspiring Perspectives went international and started passing on the wisdom and insight to bring breakthrough to people in 5 nations. The Ultimate Life Toolbox is a gift from God that produces miracles.  Every client I have worked with ends up living the dreams that they wrote at the beginning.  This ultimate toolbox, when put into practice makes the impossible possible every time.


I continue to be humbled by the most beautiful people I get to work with.  To witness their personal transformation as what seemed impossible becomes possible.  I feel super blessed to be a blessing, to walk alongside someone in their time of need, to see them cross over and walk into a life of prosperity and abundance, of joy, fulfilment, love and peace.  I am grateful to be chosen by so many as their Inspiring Perspectives coach.


XO Sally

About Sally
Why Coach With Sally?

why Coach with Sally?


Sally Inspires and Fires You Up With Her Gift of Encouragement


Sally Helps You Gain Clarity and Stay Calm Along The Way

Sally Help's You Reach the Peak In Your Journey

'If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change'

-Wayne Dyer

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