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#57 Yes to intentional high level input and no to any input

Updated: May 20, 2022

I love this, say yes to high level intentional input, information, wisdom, insight, knowledge and being intentional about it. Whatever industry you are in, gain wisdom and insight from those ahead of you, collapse time by learning from their mistakes not yours, enabling you to reach the heights they are at and more. I really encourage you to put high levels of input into your health and well-being, your spouse and family. Investing in this will allow you to upgrade in the most important areas of your life continually and consistently.


no to unintentional input, just scrolling through life randomly, hoping to find a break or the next big thing. Using mind numbing media and movies to literally do that … numb your mind, dumb down your own creativity and to stop you having your own unique voice. Putting low level unintentional input into your brain brings out low level results and performance in your life. It’s like consuming cardboard for breakfast lunch and dinner. No nutrients, no vitamins, no minerals and limited energy source. An eternal pattern of hopelessness, strategies to avoid pain and a rapidly escalating emptiness in your heart and mind.

So I encourage you today to let go and say no unintentional love level input and say yes and thank you to intentional high level input.

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