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#47 Yes to responsibility and no to blame and justify

OK, now I am in my element.

Say no to blame and justify. This is seriously life changing. When I said no to blaming the world, my mother, my employers, my circumstances, my ex-husband, whatever it might be for you too. When I said no to justifying my actions, trying to get others to agree with me, feel sorry for me or support my side of the story. My life blossomed. With one action I was free.

Say yes to responsibility, to being accountable for your own actions, for thinking, for looking upward and inward for solutions, asking myself

What can I do?

What do I have?

What is in my hand?

that I can use to make positive change? Once I asked and started answering those questions, I took back control. In control of my own destiny and of my own life, in the drivers seat. I was free from being a back seat driver or passenger and was in complete control of where to from here.

If it meant to be it is up to me. My dreams are mine, no one else’s and if I want to make them happen it is my responsibility to drive the dream and take others on a trip of a lifetime with me.

So I encourage you today to let go and say no to blame and justification and say yes and thank you for responsibility.

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