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#48 Say yes to Kingdom of light and no to the kingdom of darkness

Updated: May 20, 2022

Say yes to the Kingdom of light, where goodness, mercy, love, peace, prosperity, honesty, integrity, wisdom, understanding, compassion, empathy, service, gentleness, respect, honour, patience, kindness andself-control are all evident as we all work together in unity and one accord. It is where heaven is literally with us here on earth. Where people thrive, have fun, are on a high every hour of every day and want for nothing. I love this life. It is like a whole new world.

Say no to the kingdom of darkness. This is our default mode. When we do not take captive every thought and turn it into the truth, we can end up in some very dark places, all of which take you down a path of self-destruction. Say no to doubt, fear, hatred, poverty, disrespect, dishonour, anger, deliberately tripping others up, to letting your emotions rule. It is time to do a self-service and give yourself a personal check up.

I do a check up every moment of everyday as if I give one of those negative thoughts or emotions an inch….it will take a mile and that, for me is most unhelpful.

So I encourage you today to let go and say no to the kingdom of darkness and say yes and thank you for Kingdom of light.

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