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#54 Yes to being open and no to being closed

Updated: May 20, 2022

Say yes to being open, open to new ideas, new ways of thinking, new levels of success, new relationships, new challenges and embrace each day with a zest for life and an exuberance at a whole new level. Being open allows you to receive, to receive love, abundance, prosperit

y and real joy. You were uniquely designed and chosen to be here for such a time as this. Enjoy every moment of this wonderful adventure with an open heart and mind.

Say no to being closed. To thinking you are a finished product when each new day there is something for you to discover. A closed mindset, makes us rigid in our thinking and actions, my way or the highway, it prevents us from hearing others, learning and growing. It prevents us from being our best selves and keeps us unhappy, uncomfortable and unfulfilled.

So I encourage you today to let go and say being closed and say yes and thank you for being open, full of peace, love and joy.

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