#36 Yes to the Truth and no to the Lies

Updated: May 20

Say no to the Lies. I remember living my life in fear, fear of a failed marriage, fear my children would be scarred for life by my actions, fear of not enough, fear of being inferior…. all lies and the enemy’s ploy to keep me under his control. The moment I said no to the Lies and yes to the Truth, yes to Jesus, I was free, my whole life and world changed.

I went from pleading for my job, being supported by WINZ and renting a tiny cottage, to running my own successful international business, being happily married and mortgage free, with the ability to invest and pay it forward into the future not just for ourselves and our families but also for others. I encourage you to say yes to the truth.

The truth that we are uniquely designed, born to be brilliant, we are royalty and have an inheritance. I encourage you to intentionally say no to the lies, to the poverty mindset, to not being good enough, that you have no value….it is all a lie to stop you being the incredible being you were created to be.

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