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#39 Yes to kindness and no to selfishness

Say yes to kindness, compassion, love, truth, wisdom and insight. Living life through this lens and being genuinely self-aware is a genuine eye and door opener to connection, love, relationship and intimacy with others on a whole new level. I encourage you to say yes to kindness for a week and notice the marked change in all your relationships.

Say no to selfishness, no to me, me, me. Just in case you hadn’t noticed, you are not the only person on the planet and not everything is about you. And when you make life all about you, you devalue others, you lose respect, you become empty on the inside and are constantly searching for something to fill the void, could be drink, drugs, porn, whatever, none of which lasts and makes you feel worse afterwards. In fact very little is about me. I have found that the more I give out, the more kindness I show, the more openness, honesty and integrity I can offer in my relationships with others, with the focus being on how I can best serve them, the more abundance and prosperity, joy and peace I have in my life, and I am on a genuine high all day every day.

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