#49 Yes to being centred and no to being selfish

Updated: May 20

Say yes to being centred, to knowing who you are from the inside out, knowing who and what you stand for, being

clear on your values, beliefs, priorities, field of favour, zone of genius and lane you are made to run in. Life really is a dream when you are centred, when you stand on the rock of who you are. When you build your life on firm foundations, you become unstoppable and it’s awesome!

Say no to being selfish, to thin

king everything is about you, that people owe you, that life is all about what you can get, rather than what you can give. Say no to hoarding, to keeping secrets, to fabricating the truth to make you look good, to keeping everything you own and do to yourself. How you do anything is how you do everything and selfishness comes from a poverty or orphan mindset where you think you won’t have enough or you need more to make you happy. I encourage you to focus in t

he real you, the inner you, to being fully present and centred and you’ll be amazed at how much abundance will come.

So I encourage you today to let go and say no to being selfish and say yes and thank you to being centred.

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