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#50 Yes to service and no to self-promotion

Updated: May 20, 2022

I encourage you to say yes to service, to serving others. This has been massive for me and a massive move of my heart and a lifestyle choice. I love how when you give and share what is in your hand, more comes back. The old saying “what goes around comes around” is so true. And as we serve we make a far bigger impact than we would have done alone, often getting far more in return. I am writing these posts to serve you. To open your heart and mind to who you really are, to encourage you to think about how you live your life and to add value.

I serve on the worship team and have gone from no confidence, stuffing up harmonies as a BV to being able to harmonise by ear this week!! That for me is monumental. I serve in the intercessors group and this week had the honour of praying for 500 people live and thousands more fb, representing more than 100 nations across the globe to bless the @100X movement. Doors open when you serve and give.

Say no to self-promotion. Funny I just shared a story of where I have received favour in serving and s

ome would see that as self-promotion. Self-promotion is when you speak more than you listen or hear, when you shout the loudest to make yourself be seen and heard, when you put yourself first and others second. When you talk about you and what is happening in your life and forget to ask others about them and their life.

I encourage you today to ask someone how they are, how their life really is and how their loved ones are and serve someone in your life today. And please post on your outcome …. as you will then be

multiplying that service by sharing the joy in your heart, passing it on.

So I encourage you today to let go and say no to self-promotion and say yes and thank you for service.

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