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#55 Yes to living my dreams and no to money first

Updated: May 20, 2022

Say yes to dreaming “Imagination is more important than knowledge” Albert Einstein.

And without dreams and visions we lose hope and sight of the fabulous future that has been predestined for us. Inspiring Perspectives is all about seeing things in a new way, though a new lens with clarity and precision. Dreaming is about taking that focus and clarity to the next level. It is time for you to live your dreams every day, to be on fire, intentionally living your life the way it is uniquely designed for you, in your field of favour or zone of genius.

Say no

to the love of money. Money is an incredible tool and is there to be utilised and stewarded well, to bring freedom, peace of mind and to bless others. However the love of money can consume people, making them selfish, arrogant, entitled and unkind. Love what money does for you, your family, your relationships and your business. Love how it lifts and adds value to all it touches and believe that whatever happens you will always be provided for and have what you need. However I really encourage you to say no to making money the focal point of your life, making it your idol, where you become a slave to it, always having to make o

r earn more. The love of money will not serve you or those you love well.

So I encourage you today to let go and say no to the love of money and say yes and thank you to living your dreams.

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