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#61 Yes to being real and no to pretense

Updated: May 15, 2022

Say yes to being real, and speak mine and Pedro Adao’s love language. Pedro has real talk Mondays …. it is all about being real, being transparent, being true to himself and honouring and respecting the wonderful way he has been created, working to his gifts and strengths. No imposter syndrome here. Being real takes courage, humility and the ability to be vulnerable. While this is takes an inner strength and bravery at a whole new level, it opens doors and a whole new level too.

Say no to pretense, exaggeration, to being in someone else’s lane, to trying to be someone you are not. Say no to putting others down to make you look or feel good. Say no to blaming others or justifying your actions, when you know deep down it is just a cover up. All of this will make you feel heaps worse. And while everything may look good on the outside, you are crumbling on the inside.

So I encourage you today to let go and say no to pretense, in whatever way is shows up for you and say yes and thank you to being the real authentic you.

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