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#62 Yes to integrity and no to deception

Updated: May 15, 2022

Say yes to integrity, honouring yourself and others, telling the Truth, being honest and trustworthy. Say yes to looking within as to what is really true to you, your values, your priorities and your empowering beliefs. Say yes to harmonious passion, to intrinsic motivation and staying true to who you are and what you stand for, being transformational in your interactions and actions. When we stand in L.O.V.E. Living Out Valour Everyday, we honour ourselves and others and have a real sense of integrity

Say not to dece

ption, to being under hand, to considering yourself better than everyone else or only considering you can take or gain from the transaction. Say no to quick fixes as they rarely last, to short cuts that involve lies, they always get found out in the end. Say no to seeking power over others and your primary focus as this will lead to deceiving others, leaving them in a worse state than when you found them. Say no to exploitation on all levels.

So I encourage you today to let go and say deception, in whatever way is shows up for you and say yes and thank you to integrity.

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