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#18 Yes to adventure and no to fear of failure

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Say yes to adventure. Oh my goodness, how awesome is it when you go on an adventure, I remember my first date with my husband where he took me abseiling. As Miranda would say “such fun”. I encourage you to say yes to adventure, to living your dreams, failing forward, taking risks and thriving in every moment…as Susan Jeffers said “feel the fear and do it anyway”. Life is an adventure, a journey of discovery, joy, freedom and love. Embrace it … remember perfect love drives out all fear…and adventure is about living in love.

Say no to the fear of failure. Oh my goodness how fired up do I get when I realise fear has got the better of me for a moment. I lived my whole life worried about what other people would think, not giving things a go in case I stuffed up and would feel shame or be embarrassed. I never felt like I was up to it, not good enough or worthy, that I had to do it all myself, I felt alone. It stopped me being the best I could be, robbing me of life, connection, love and my sense of belonging. It kept me stuck and playing small.

And then I met Jesus. My whole life has changed as I now live in love not fear. Doors have opened, connections have been made, finance has been given and I have learnt to steward what I have and been blessed with multiplication of my assets. Keep failing forward, keep learning and growing and your life will be abundantly blessed.

It is time to let your light shine, to be who you were born to be. And if you want to know more about how to get there, I encourage you to yes to new adventure and contact It is your time to break free of whatever fear is holding you back and to start living the life of your dreams.

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