#34 Yes to blessing and no to cursing

Updated: Apr 24

Wow, this one was a HUGE one for me and I still have my moments.

I really encourage you to say yes to blessing, to giving, to pouring out love and kindness, to adding value and going the extra mile. My biggest challenge, which I had to ask for divine intervention for was my foul mouth, I used to curse a lot. I am super grateful my tongue is now one of blessing not cursing.

Say no to cursing. The battle isn’t with each other. And who are we to judge another person for their actions? None of us are perfect and everyone has a story to tell. The blessing of asking “what happened to you?” or “are you OK?” has enabled me to stop putting others down, because they don’t respond the way I do, to stop cursing others and to bless others with compassion and empathy. It is time to get connected not disconnected, to love not divide and conquer. We are all in this together.

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