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#10 Yes to collaboration and no to personal gain

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Wow now we are in my happy space! Say yes to collaboration (and no to competition). TEAMTogether wE Achieve More. This has been my mantra for years, however I never really grasped it until I understood the kingdom concept that we are all part of one body, one might be an ear or and eye, not a lot of use to anyone on their own, but when connected to the brain and the rest of the body, super helpful.

Clydesdale horses can pull 1.5 tonne each in their days of ploughing fields, however if you yoke them together they can pull 4.5 tonne, 3 x what one could pull alone. The 2021 men's 400m Olympic hurdles race broke records in 6/8 of the lanes and all runners achieved PB’s.

It is time to say yes to collaboration, to working together in unity and one accord towards a common goal, to win the prize we are all uniquely designed for. One of the words I was given at the beginning of this season was “multiplication”…another word for collaboration.

Say no to personal gain, where you think you can do it alone, only ever looking for what you can get out of a situation or person, being single or closed minded. I am often reminded that pride comes before a fall. Saying no to personal gain often means saying no to division, no to ultimatums, no to my way or the highway, where everyone in that situation loses.

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