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#12 Yes to connection and no to isolation

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

I encourage you to step out in faith and courage and say yes to be truly connected.

In reality how do we feel when we are truly connected? When we are in tune with our calling, spouses, businesses, colleagues, nature and friends? When we work in unity and one accord with others, we feel truly alive and abundant.

And say no to isolation, that feeling that you have to do everything yourself, that it is your problem and no one else’s, that you are right and everyone else is wrong, that no one understands you. I really encourage you to look at where those thoughts and feelings take you. My guess is further into the pit of doom. I learnt to ask. Ask for help. Ask for love. Ask for tools and strategies to get me out of my hole and to take others with me. Ask and the door will opened to you, seek and you will find. What are you looking for?

The enemy wants to isolate you, keep you trapped and stuck in a life that is less than you are capable of. I am so grateful to be running my own business, to be paying forward to 100’s of beautiful, wonderful, gifted and talented people to live their lives to the full…..and all because I stepped out and connected with others. There is a massive team behind, ahead, before me and with me. And they are my supporters, advocators, workers, friends, keeping me on the right track.

I invite you to get connected today and be part of the Inspiring Perspectives TEAM,

say yes to and we’ll work together in unity and one accord to make your dreams a reality.

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