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#14 Yes to contentment and no to anger

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Oh my goodness, this is a cracker, saying yes to contentment broke open my love bank! Holy heck I had no idea that when I started to choose contentment over being angry, my life started to pour out abundance like I have never seen before. Nothing worries me, nothing really bothers me and when I come from a place of contentment. I seem to find the solutions to whatever is coming against me. It allows me to connect with my neo-cortex (the most creative part of my brain) and be an overcomer. I win every time!!!! How awesome is that.

Say no to anger as it can sit in our nervous system for up to 6 hours, festering and lowers our immunity in this time. It robs us not only of connection in the moment, causing division, strife and upset, it also robs us of our joy and of the beauty of the gift of that day, the present. Once again it destroys lives (of the person who is angry and the one that they are angry with). I encourage you to say no to anger.

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