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#5 Yes to freedom and no to slavery

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Say yes to freedom, living your life by design. Living in your field of favour or zone of genius, to be intrinsically motivated, to serve and lift up those around you. When I said yes to freedom, I said yes to being me, to acknowledging and celebrating how I am fearfully and wonderfully made. The blessing of an inspiring perspective is giving people the gift of the 5 layers of “who am I?” rock, so that they can stand tall in all seasons and be the light for others.

Say no to slavery, to being controlled, to the feeling of being stuck, having no choice, having to do things against your will. Say no to being chained to conformity, thinking what I have now is forever, that there is no more for me, no hope. When we live in slavery, we feel we have no control, like we are standing on quicksand, like nothing is stable or safe, that everything is changing and we are getting more and more lost in the process.

So take courage today and say yes to freedom and no to slavery. It is time for radical change, for you to choose the life and life in abundance. It is time to enjoy this incredible journey.

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