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#29 Yes to gentleness and no to bullying

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

It takes courage to be gentle and kind, especially when things are coming against us. I encourage you to say yes to gentleness, because “hurt people, hurt people”. When someone or something is coming at you, take a moment to stand your ground in love and be gentle. This is a phenomenal learnt skill and pays forward 100 fold in so many situations. It prevents us from hurting others, adding to their pain and yours and embraces a power you possibly never knew you had within you. “healed people, heal people”

Say no to bullying, to forcing others against their will, using their weaknesses or fears to manipulate them and get you to do what you want them to do. Everyone has the right to choose. I have found that families, businesses and communities that are built on values of respect, honour, kindness and gentleness thrive in all circumstances and environments, because they work together in unity and one accord. When any of these environments use bullying as a way of controlling others it divides and conquers, crushing opportunity, limiting progress and destroying people in the process.

I really encourage you to take the high road, say yes to gentleness and no to bullying. It is time to love one another and in the words of Johann Hari ask “what has happened to you?” Not “what is wrong with you?”

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