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#25 Yes to honour and no to dishonour

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Say yes to honour. I am so grateful for the honour, wisdom and love that I am surrounded with. I encourage you to say yes to honour, honouring yourself and those around you, create a world of love and peace, of unity and one accord.

And I strongly recommend you say no to dishonour. It is so easy in this day and age to put yourself and others down, to believe and declare the worst, thus dishonouring yourself and others. The words we speak come from our own hearts and minds, it is all about ourselves, our perspective, whether internal or external. Our words can lift up or cut down.

Once I had the revelation that whatever I spoke was about me, I made the conscious decision to take responsibility for my words and declare only good, thus honouring myself and others. I am absolutely a work in progress, and only today, on one of my international masterminds was an unhelpful belief I was declaring over myself picked up. And I strongly recommend you say no to dishonour, to playing small and bringing others down to a level that is less than both of you are called to be.

I am blessed to live in and only have good, uplifting people around me, who love and honour each other, who encourage, cheer on and celebrate the new and good, however big or small. If you would like to live in this wonderful environment with us, please join us and honour yourself today.

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