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#30 Yes to hope and a future and no to depression

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

This has been the centre of my coaching. Blessing people with the gift of a hope and a future. I really encourage you to say yes to a hope and a future, to open doors, walk into your calling or knowing, discover your field of favour or zone of genius and run with it. It is the most liberating and freeing space to be in and completely upgrades your life beyond comprehension and competition.

It is through finding your hope and future, your unique design and purpose that you can say no to depression. I believe depression can be caused by not knowing how awesome you are, not knowing how precious and valuable you are and not knowing or having true purpose, feeling you are alone and isolated, that no one understands or could relate. All lies of the enemy to “kill, steal and destroy”. It is time to choose hope and a future, to have a life you were uniquely designed for and to live the desires of your heart.

If you want to have life and life in abundance, to be free from the lies and to live with hope and a future, contact today and take your life to the next level and beyond.

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