#27 Yes to inside out and no to outside in

Updated: Apr 24

Wow this is a game changer. When I realised that the responsibility is all mine. That I have to take full responsibility for my life and then invite others to be a part of that rather than expecting them to do it my way, only I know what is in my head, heart and mind….everyone else is on the outside, and are uniquely designed to think, process and choose differently.

Yes to the inside out, to sharing, to being humble, vulnerable and blessing others with the gifts you have been given. No to outside in, expecting external things to fill the void and or others to fill my dreams, or for others to know the desires of my heart and see life from my perspective, when they have their own perspective and life to live.

Oh my goodness, when I grasped this for the first time, that no one owed me anything, I had no jurisdiction over anyone else and that my role was to carve my own path, the one I had been uniquely designed for from the inside and take it out, that that everyone else was doing the same and had just as much right to do so. It was one of those lightbulb moments where instead of me expecting them to be me, think and do what I do, my eyes were opened to how amazing each and every person was, to see others for their awesomeness and how when we work together in our gifting's we can all learn and grow at a miraculously accelerated rate.

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