#16 Yes to learning and growth and no to staying the same and being stuck

Updated: Apr 24

Say yes to learning and growth every day…and my life just gets better and better.

In schools today, many talk about being a life long learner. I believe as we seek wisdom and insight, work together collaboratively with honour and respect, we move mountains through transforming our minds with new opportunities, new information and new horizons.

Say no to staying the same and being stuck. The only constant is change. The sooner we learn to embrace it rather that wanting things to stay the same and getting stuck in the gap, the sooner we are free to be the creative, awesome, overcomers we were born to be. I really encourage you to step out of your rut, your comfort zone and say no to staying the same and being stuck. I can assure you, you will then step into a life of courage, LOVE and abundance….an incredible adventure awaits when you embrace change.

If you would like some help to embrace change, to have some tools and strategies to Living Out Valour (courage)Everyday, contact sally@inspiringperspectives.co.nz and say yes to learning, growing and LOVE

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