#3 Yes to life and no to death

Updated: Apr 24

Say yes to life, to the joy of seeing the beauty in every moment, to being thankful for the harvest you have, for all the things you have been blessed with, from food on the table, to incredible family and friends, to abundant and profitable businesses and relationships. Saying yes to life has opened the doors to wealth beyond my wildest dreams. I really encourage you to take that step of faith and say yes to the good stuff in your life.

Say no to death, however that manifests for you, whether it is in deep sorrow or grief, the regrets of a life not to well lived. Perhaps you live with scarcity, feeling you never have enough or you are never enough. Or maybe you feel like a captive, stuck in a life or job you don’t thrive in, yet are unable to see a way out. All of these feelings can take you down a path of death and destruction, eating away at you from the inside out. I really encourage you to say yes to life and no to death.

And if you are looking for some insight and wisdom, some structure on how to do that paradigm shift from death (negative thinking) to life (real and true thinking), then get in touch with Sally today sally@inspiringperspectives.co.nz . It is time to set the captives free and live the life you are uniquely designed for, full of health, wealth abundance and joy.

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