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#9 Yes to light and no to darkness

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Say yes to light, to looking ahead with hope and excitement at what the future holds. Enjoying the radiance of the sun, the physical light and power it gives, say yes to the heat and radiance you give off, the warmth and light you bring to people’s lives and the sparks of energy and light produced when we connect. The light for me is running my race, following the path in my zone of genius. Light, life and love for me are 3 in 1. It is about being truly alive in the spirit as well as mind, body and soul.

Say no to the darkness, to looking down, to withdrawing and closing off from those around you, retreating into a life of insignificance and isolation, to being totally self, self, self….where the whole world is about you, where you think you know best and have all the answers. I remember my days getting into someone else’s lane because I was driven by darkness and fear, desperately wanting people to notice me and value me and all I did was stuff up or trip others up. And it wasn’t that long ago….and now here I am, wanting to go quietly under the radar…and have been taken into the spotlight.

I encourage you to step into the light, as you do so doors will open that you could never have dreamed of.In the last couple of months I have been given the opportunity to hang out and interact with two people I genuinely admire Pedro Adao and Dan Sullivan. I have never been so humbled and so blessed.

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