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#13 Yes to patience and no to frustration

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

This is my personal challenge in life …. I am always so full of energy and excitement, I can forget that others aren’t on the same page or getting the same messages.

Saying yes to being patient, to being kind, to honouring myself and others, to respecting myself and others has been a MASSIVE learning curve for me and something I am extremely grateful for. Patience had brought me intimacy, powerful relationships, kindness, generosity beyond measure and love like I could never have imagined.

I encourage you to say no to frustration, to look at what is frustrating you, do a values check, deconstruct it, and reconstruct it with love and say yes to patience.

Frustration has always taken me down a really unhelpful path of destruction, destroying friendships and leading me down a path of isolation and loneliness. My biggest fears of only a few years ago.

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