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#24 Yes to self discipline and no to recklessness

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Say yes to self-discipline and open doors to a whole new level of achievement and accomplishment. This is one of my biggest challenges, to be true to my priorities and commitments when having to step out in faith, when I am in unfamiliar territory or am creating something new. Every moment of sheer joy has been on the other side of fear, pushing through with self-discipline.

Say no to recklessness. It is so easy to do what you know, to follow old patterns, even when they no longer serve you. When I don’t plan and action self-discipline, when I take my eyes of the prize and stop playing the long game. I am literally wrecking what could be miraculous in my life now and in the future. I really encourage you to say no to the moment, no the recklessness of letting the emotions in the moment overwhelm your future.

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