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#15 Yes to success and no to failure

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

I love how saying yes to success opens up so many doors. What we focus on expands, so every time I track my gains, look at the growth and see the Truth, I make progress, move another step forward feel so successful. When I do something new, live in line with my priorities, values and Big 3 I know I am on fire and taking ground. I so encourage you to say yes to success in your life, in whatever way that comes to you.

Say no to failure as it is the pathway to success. Failure in itself isn’t bad as we have to fail before we succeed, it is more to do with the emotions we attached to failure that is bad or unhelpful…it is always another step towards the end goal. I love that it is not about how many times you fall, it’s about how many times you get up!! It’s how we learn and make change. We all fell over when we learnt to walk … we didn’t let each failure stop us, for most it just made us more determined to try again. All out top goal scorers in sport … have missed the goal/failed the most and succeeded the most. It’s the same pathway. So today I encourage you to say no to failure stopping you and yes to it driving you to never give up …. According to Winston Churchill it’s how we won the war. “Never, never, never give up”

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