#64 Yes to closeness and no to being distant

Say yes to closeness, to a deep connection with family and friends, to being open, honest, real, kind, gentle and uplifting. Say yes to taking people with you on your journey of discovery, holding their hands and lifting them up. It is time to embrace true love of each other, true neighbours, caring for each other and looking out for one another. It is time to notice and value all of our relationships.

Say no to being distant, to keeping yourself apart from others, to being aloof and disconnected, to staying away and being divided. Say no to thinking you have to do it all in your own strength and way. Say no to unkindness, isolation and withdrawal. It is time to love yourself an those around you. In the words of Danny Silk “Keep Your Love On” and stay close.

So I encourage you today to let go and say no to being distant, in whatever way is shows up for you and say yes and thank you to closeness.

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