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#17 Yes to insight and wisdom and no to insanity

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

I really recommend that you say yes to insight and wisdom today and watch your whole world change before your very eyes into one of beauty, prosperity and peace.

This is my heart’s desire to be insightful and to have wisdom and discernment, to have the right words, in the right place for the right person. To speak love and life into people. I had no idea that as I have sought that, I would be abundantly blessed every day to witness miracles in people’s lives. Insight and wisdom has brought inner peace to hundreds of people, has sparked them back into life when they have felt it was all over and there was no hope. It has been an honour to witness provision in people’s finances, health and homes.

I encourage you to say no to insanity, to repeating the same patterns of behaviour that leave us empty and alone. Albert Einstein says it best … “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” is his definition of insanity. And to choosing a path that serves you, one that brings life and life in abundance not death and destruction. It is time to realise the battle is not with each other, but in our minds and the spiritual realm.

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