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#11 Yes to togetherness and no to separation

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Oh my goodness togetherness is out of this world in the fruit this brings. I really encourage you to say yes to togetherness, to say yes to relationship, connection, energy, intimacy, a deep understanding, respect and honour of each other. Look for what you have in common. Look for what you have to share, offer and give. Look for unity and one accord. Look for alignment, peace, joy and harmony and the world is yours.

I encourage you to say no to separation, to disconnection, emptiness, loneliness, isolation, insignificance, playing or feeling small. The latter comments clearly ones for me personally. It really is time to stand and be counted for what is good right and true. It is time to stop dividing people with fear, to stop splitting up and stop giving up, to stop destroying the people we love and the world around us.

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